Hello! How have you been..I’m sorry I couldn’t post the last two weeks I had tests and I have been going through a lot which brought about this topic and I felt I should drop something about it

If I’m asked what the age 17 is like lol I will only say the three weeks I have spent on earth as a 17 year old is like pregnancy chronicles .

The last three weeks have been like torture and I couldn’t even figure what exactly is the cause of why I acted so cold to my self and other things .

Sometimes I just look at school and ask my self why I’m even doing my course , why I existed . School stress made it worse, tests left and right and I couldn’t even sit down to think about how to improve on my self. I became scared of the semester exams that will be written in April.

All I could picture my self as was a girl trying to survive with cookies and a bottle of coke . I would see two people in a lovey Dovey act and a thought will push me to tell them that the relationship won’t last and it’s not genuine.

I would leave classes early and go back to my hostel to cry and turn around my bed, any little thing I get paranoid about it , I even picked up fights with a few people on my WhatsApp contact list at every opportunity i get to make any little thing a big deal and they noticed but all they could do was ask what’s wrong and I would reply I’m fine but deep down in me I wasn’t.

My roommates would go out at night and that sudden anger to go to their lockers and bedside to scatter everything and pretend like I wasn’t the culprit yeah I sound like a beast but to be honest it’s not my will to think like that.

I was tired of everything and also stressed .

Anytime I look at the mirror and see my skin and physical structures I get angry with myself that why are they not increasing in size taking them as the factor why boys don’t stop me while walking down from classes.

A lot of things bored me during this period, while reading my online books the words would look like ants and it’s like they are moving out of the book, even Korean dramas became boring I would watch an episode and suddenly I will become tired which is like the opposite of me because I could finish a whole season at a sitting.

Instagram made everything worse , seeing girls on expensive wigs , clothes and other accessories with high amount of followers made me feel worse. I would see other teenage bloggers and I would get mad because they have good outlines and other things.

I couldn’t tell everything to God because most times while praying I would forget that I was going through issues because once I wake up I would feel joy in my heart but once I get back from school I would have a change in my true self.

My hormones started acting up against me anytime I remember how far I have been heart broken and If i could turn the hands of the clock to change a lot of things. My emotions were crambled up and anytime I develop Moodswings people would be like that’s how 17 year olds behave and I’m growing and I would blurt out words back at them that it’s a lie God had forsaken me .

Truth be told during this period I didn’t attend church and the fun youth Programs that were organized.

I was always feeling bitter about my family members and wished I was in another family. I consulted google and found the same similarities to what I was going through and it was DEPRESSION but I couldn’t agree to that fact all I could do was blame God and my parents.

The things that made me happy were pictures of food , listening to a particular playlist filled with Stormzy, Sean tizzle, Dremo and Chris brown.

And eating heavily, I ate anything that came my way forgetting my saving budgets, I would look at Aliexpress app on my phone and start searching for things to buy and toss them into my cart with the hope of buying all of them one day .

Food gave me joy, and anytime I leave class I would march happily to the cafeteria and buy lots of snacks, drinks and a particular meal lol I would eat everything and smile at my self with the YOLO slang in my mind. All I felt was since food is the remedy eat all you can .

A particular day while eating I just told my self funmi ask God for death and that’s all you won’t experience the pain anymore . After eating I laid on my bed and tried seizing my breath but it couldn’t work, I placed my pillow on my nose but nothing happened till I fell asleep till midnight.

I woke up with a running stomach and rushed to the toilet. I visited the toilet like five times and the stomach pain couldn’t stop. A whole tissue roll finished that time and I stayed close to the toilet until the seventh time I couldn’t take it anymore and a voice echoed in my heart I thought you asked for death this is the step to it and more to come since you don’t know your God anymore.

Hearing These words, beads of sweat formed on my body and I started crying asking God to take the pain away, I prayed in the toilet , asked for forgiveness and finally voiced out the whole situation to him.

I left the toilet to my room then laid on my bed .

I remembered the tribulations I had faced then one of my favorite bible verse came in Romans 8:27 then I slept off.

I woke up the next day feeling better and laughed at the escapades at midnight. I worked on my emotions and I felt peace since I handled them to God .

And discovered that I only needed to voice out and talk to God and receive a warm hug from anyone .

So if you are going through this , don’t ask for death , don’t over eat because they are not the solutions to it it’s a growing phase .All you need to do is pray, feel at ease, talk to someone and drink enough water trust me you feel better.

If school work is getting too much take a break, rest , cry and after crying take a cold bath pour water on your head till you feel it in your spine 😂😂😂 trust me you will feel better.

PS: My orders from Aliexpress came and I can’t wait to use them on flatlays.

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Hello! How was your previous week? Yaaay guess who is turning a year older tomorrow 🍇💃

Today’s post is kind of different from the norm but let me just drop it here.

I’m not that much of a Christian but there are times I just have to talk to God and it’s just with bible verses, prayers and faith.

Anytime I try to open my bible to read one heavy breeze will blow sleep on me 😂 but as time I went by I got used to it by reading at least once a day and I found some that I really love and they are seven .

1. PSALM 126 :1

I saw this after watching music video on Africa magic (Dstv) and I fell in love with it anytime I feel down I just mumble the words to myself hoping there will be a turn around and it’s my best so far .

2. JOB 22:6

This is my second best and it’s just about decreeing and claiming positivity sometimes whatever you proclaim eventually works for you either negatively or positively.

“Thou shalt decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways”.

Isn’t this beautiful ❤️

3. JEREMIAH 29:11

With the current WhatsApp story , I saw this on my friend’s story and was curious about what this verse meant .

I searched for it immediately and I fell in love with it and ever since then I always hoped for God’s positive thoughts.

For I know the thoughts that I think towards you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end”

4. PSALM 91:3

Literally psalm91 is a passage on requesting for safety of abiding under God’s presence and it’s a very common passage and it’s rest assuring.

Verse 3 is my best out of the 16 verses which I say to myself anytime I’m in an uncomfortable environment.

Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler and from the noiseome pestilence “

5. 1 PETER 2:9

This one is just too juicy and it’s very common but reminds me of how special I am to God because I’m a child of light.

But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an Holy nation, a peculiar people, that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvellous light”

Ps: I talk to God with glossy lips ☺️

6. MATTEW 11:28

I saw this verse for the first time on a bill board at RCCG camp with a picture of a man with a heavy load on his back.

This verse drops to my mind anytime I feel stressed from school work or emotionally tired and that peace of mind will just come up.

Come unto me , all yes that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”

7. ROMANS 8:37

Finally this one is like a bomb. I heard it for the first time at a Church retreat and I took note of it . I make use of it anytime I am about write a very difficult exam or I’m facing difficulties.

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us”

So far so good these verses have been helpful.

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Hello! How was your previous week?

Let’s get to today’s topic which is a common experience among Nigerian brides talking about what they face and how they are been turned into slaves in their in laws home.

Take a look at this scenario.

A married woman will go to her parent’s home with her husband for a short visit, after exchanging pleasantries, everyone will start running around to make sure their son in-law is comfortable.

He will be well fed, well entertained and well taken care of.

No one expects him to lift a finger to do anything, because he is a special guest, their daughter’s husband.

Turn the table.

A married man goes to his parent’s home with his wife for a short visit, immediately after exchanging pleasantries, everyone will start looking at their son’s wife with corner eye to see if she’ll go to the kitchen and join in cooking.

She will sometimes be expected to take over the cooking and serve everyone, with a broad smile on her face.

After meal, they will be watching her to see if she will clear the table, wash the plates and clean the kitchen.

No one gives her any special treatment like the special guest she is. Afterall who is she?

An ordinary woman!

If she doesn’t do any of the chores expected of her, her mother in-law will start ‘beefing’ her and may become hostile towards her.

Her sister in-law will start grumbling and sometimes become outright rude to her.

She will be called for a meeting, her home training will be questioned and her wife material length measured.

She will be berated, called lazy, mannerless and all sorts of derogatory names.

Her husband will even be chastised for not controlling and disciplining his wife enough. She may most likely leave her in-law’s home sad, physically and emotionally drained.

What was meant to be a short vacation or visit eventually turns out to be hard labour filled with misery, tears and regrets.

My annoyance is that it’s always women making life uncomfortable and miserable for their fellow women in cases like this.

It’s always women who encourage or make excuses for men who go out of their way to hurt or harass their fellow women . It’s always women putting unnecessary pressure on their fellow women. It’s always women who are the gatekeepers of patriarchy.

It’s always women!!!!

Can’t a woman visit her in-laws and be treated special for the few hours or days she will stay, just like we do to our sons in-law when they visit us?

Take it or leave it, most married women in our society would rather spend holidays with their own family than with their in-laws, because of the above reasons.

Good riddance to double standards! Shame! Shame !! Shame!!!.

The other day, I read a lady complaining that her mother was sweeping and her brother’s wife didn’t collect the broom from her to continue the sweeping .

Meanwhile, her other siblings were there too but she felt it was mandatory for her brother’s wife to help her mom isn’t that funny?

Another day I stumbled on a post where a lady was complaining that her sister in law visited and didn’t enter the kitchen to cook like she was their actual chef or what ?

Please who was cooking for them before the sister in law came ?

Would she have said so if it was her sister’s husband that visited ?.

When I see these posts and the stupid comments on it I get angry and really mad.

I hate double standards and I keep having double mind on marriages because I don’t think I will work in my husband’s house , take care of my kids and attend to work at the same time then I’m expected to be a slave in my in laws house .

Well before going in to marriage think about it deeply and set your standards.

I pray this stops and brides will have a good and peaceful life to live .

PS: Birthday in 8 days 🎂💃

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Hello! How are you doing and how did the previous week go ?

Today’s post is going to be different from the norm and it’s more like a story but a personal experience . I haven’t dropped a post concerning the kind of person I am but will do that later on but note this , No matter how much of a sinner I am I don’t like to judge or condemn people on their beliefs , lifestyle, religion or anything because it’s a terrible thing and if I see anyone trying to condemn anyone there is this kind of disgust in me but I try hard not to show it but let’s get to the story . Please grab your popcorn and drinks then enjoy 😊.

PS: i am not trying to go against any church’s doctrine.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
as in my second year in junior secondary school and the school I attended was kind of against social life and they follow the doctrine of this church Deeper life bible church and it’s compulsory for students to attend church services no matter your religion lol sometimes we attend the main church camp programs like retreat, summits and the rest . It was quite annoying but we had no other choice than to do that or you leave the school.

On a fateful Sunday , we all woke up to prepare for church services and we got to church that day, with the preacher giving the sermon and he kind of made references to some churches by condemning their doctrines and beliefs and my church was mentioned which is a white garment church Cherubim and seraphim although I attend RCCG also depending on the distance and time to get the church cause C & S was kinda far from home but at home we do practice the doctrines of these churches.

I felt bad while listening to the preacher but ignored it . The service ended and we were all moving back to our hostel ( my school is both Day and Boarding) while walking three girls talked about the topic that was discussed in church and I found out they were Catholic members but they were my seniors so I listened to their conversation.

Suddenly, one of these girls made reference to my church C&S and uttered words like “I hate the white garment churches especially Cele because they don’t wear slippers” another added to buttress her point with her perky mouth “That their white garment, the way they burn incense, spray holy water, and how they see visions shows that they won’t make heaven”.

These words set confusion in my heart and made me wonder how a so called Christian could utter such words . This pushed me to tell them that it was wrong to judge and the last girl shunned me up by saying that they don’t burn incense in Catholic Church and every thing in their church was simple and done according to truth. I told her if she was confused she should consult her bible and stop making other people feel bad all in the name of righteousness.

I got back to the hostel, made a call to my mom explaining all that happened and all she said was that I should ignore and consult my bible. This made me to reply people any time they ask about my denomination and tell them that I attend RCCG leaving out the other church. Some of my friends would talk about their churches and condemn the white garment churches even my teachers but I just keep quiet so as to avoid heated arguments and I had another friend who attended the white garment church so we do share stories about our church and so many experiences in it.

Getting to the university, Sunday services was not a rigid rule and various churches existed in it but I only attend the Catholic Church because the service is shorter and I don’t have time to start applying Peng make up to the Pentecostal church which has a longer service. Last Sunday, as I walked with my friend to the church, I saw the priests putting incense in the incense pot and I was surprised because “that catholic ‭girl said they don’t burn incense”

I told my friend this and she laughed at the statement that they burn incense in the Catholic Church a lot I was getting angry because of the lie that girl told and how she condemned my church but due to keeping the sabbath day holy I kept it away from my mind and entered the church.

During holy communion, I watched in awe as the priest made use of the incense and it was in the same way the C&S made use of it after service it was like I should turn the hands of the clock and give those perky mouthed catholic girls hot slaps but it was gone and I had to let go . This made me ask for forgiveness on whoever I had condemned and I will urge anyone to stop condemning or judging anyone on anything including religion and beliefs.

If you are confused on anything relating to your religion consult the books you believe in or talk to God it won’t kill you. I hope you enjoyed this and relating the last post have you started working according to your plans? I have been working according to mine and it’s helpful.

Don’t forget to share . Have a pleasant week ❤️🍇

February: Plans and Prospects

Hello, it’s not too late to say happy new year and happy new month 😉. I have been away for a while because the blog had issues but will soon be fixed 😊. Well it’s my special month of the year in which my birthday is on the 27th 🎊 and also the month for valentine, I’m sure y’all are looking forward to that day. In the honour of this month and this year here is what I plan on doing👇🏽

  • Work on my consistency : Yeah I slack a lot in this but Laziness and school work are the devils here but I know It’s not possible to give my 100% here at most 75% will do by posting four contents every month (1 each Friday since it’s probably everyone’s free time leading to the weekend) .
  • Make researches: To place more posts here I have to do more researches and put them in a simple and juicy way for y’all to enjoy. Don’t worry it will be fun since the goodie bag will be getting filled up.
  • Get closer to God: The year is still fresh but for me to overcome the hurdles in it and enjoy more blessings I have no other choice than to get closer to God with the help of the Bible, devotionals and other inspirational books coupled with spiritual excercises.
  • Save save save!!: I’m trying so hard to make this a habit but to make the glow season pop up let’s hide some money to get other things I don’t need to ask from my parents although it will help me to work towards being independent.
  • Improve on flatlays: I have noticed this on some blogs and this makes their blog so beautiful so it made me to start taking some on my own after making researches on it too and from the savings I will get more stuffs that will be used on it from AliExpress. Here is a trial
  • Get a domain: To make the blog easier to find let’s upgrade a little by getting a domain and to attract more audience on it.
  • Read more books: I love to read and yes I read a book by Naijasinglegirl titled 29 SINGLE AND NIGERIAN trust me that book is juicy and I will drop a review on it soon but I hope to read more from my library on OKADABOOKS.
  • Balance school work: I have to work harder this semester without making my GP going lower.
  • Work on my attitude: This is quite difficult but I just have to work on being reserved, slow down on my mood swings, leave my room corners, take a walk and also stop getting people hyped on an event I can plan and I will eventually opt out from it 🤧.
  • Learn a craft during the holiday and do a little hangout this summer.
  • Eat and rest well since my body is not firewood.
  • My birthday: Actually nothing much here but gifts and some bills will be accepted😊❤️

I pray I accomplish all these and you all should try planning what your year should look like and stick to it trust me if mine doesn’t work I will let you know but yours should work too. Kisses 😘



We are all familiar with the word ‘HURT’. HURT is a feeling we are all been acquainted with one way or the other from our tender ages up till this moment. You get hurt anywhere and by anyone. From people you do not expect it from and surprisingly those who you could never say could hurt you. It is a feeling that is here and is still going to be present in the future.

Many people when they get hurt start wallowing in self pity which is expressed between these familiar lines.

“It’s my fault for trusting him/her.”

“I feel so stupid.”

“I am such a fool.”

“I would never trust again.”

“I am so emotionally weak. I care too much.”

These thoughts run through your mind when someone hurts you. Most times, you get depressed. You start self hating. You even swear off relationships and friendships. The funniest thing is these reactions make situations worse because you feel more hurt.

Staying alone isn’t the solution. Hiding emotions and breeding distrust in your heart isn’t the remedy. The truth is your heart is made to interact, it is a natural activity. You need people to know your true self, to attain your true image and goal. People redesign you. People help you and having people around you, supporting you in every way is the best gift you are given.

I want to make you aware that when you get hurt, you do not have to wallow in self pity, you do not have to get depressed at all. You can confront HURT. You can overcome HURT.




I want you to know that every human gets hurt. So when you feel hurt, do not think you are the only one who feels that way or who is experiencing that sort of situation. There are many who have gone through what you are experiencing and didn’t let it rule over them. Always remember this. Let it encourage you. Your thought should be “this stuff has happened to various people out there, and they overcame. Then I can also overcome.”

In every type of relationship you go into, there is a huge probability of getting hurt; now that shouldn’t stop you from giving all you can to make your relationship work. Relationships can never work out if you are hiding or holding back on the other party.

Also know some relationships are not meant to be forever and ever. It would hurt to let them go, but that’s life also. You have to know that and you have to acknowledge that. Do not let any negative feeling course through you when this happens.

If you see getting hurt as a normal phase in life, you would see it would affect you less. It’s not a big deal to get hurt. It happens to everyone at anytime by anyone. Getting hurt is a natural program. Make that your mentality first. So anytime you get hurt, don’t feel silly or emotionally weak.

         Getting hurt is a natural experience, so is healing. So next time when you get hurt, take a cup of juice, sit back and relax and let your heart naturally heal.



We always jump to conclusions on matters. We rarely take a seat to analyze situations and this is one of the core reasons HURT overcomes us.

Most times when people get hurt, they jump to the conclusion that they are at fault. They blame themselves for trusting a particular person or acting in a particular way. But if they could actually take some time to reflect over the situation, they would realize that even though they did make some mistakes, they are actually completely faultless and do not deserve to be the victim in that situation. They were just mopping without a firm reason, over someone else’s mistake.

Other times, you would actually realize, it was your fault. You probably offended the other person. it could all just be a terrible misunderstanding which could have been avoided if you had taken time to think and reflect before handling the situation.

Even though, you do make silly mistakes. The solution isn’t moping over it but instead trying to work on your mistakes. Try to make sure you are more careful in that area and avoid making that mistake again. Now, I am not suggesting that you should refrain from doing stuffs to other people just because someone was unappreciative about it. Keep doing it! But at least, now you know how to handle that particular person and you will know how to handle that exact situation if it repeats itself in the future.

Reasoning helps speed up the healing process. So next time when someone hurts you, take a pen and a book and analyze the situation. You might actually see you had been looking at the situation from only your end.




Apart from the reshape of character, HURT helps to reshape your circle of friends. It makes you know the true character of people. It helps you realize who is who. It allows you to filter the unwanted and those who do not deserve to be in your life.

Your best might hurt you, the person you love the most can also hurt you. When you think and you realize that person doesn’t deserve you, the next step is to move on. You will never find someone like the person you lost. But you will definitely find someone better. It helps you know who truly loves you. It’s better to get hurt now than be pampered by the enemy for a long period of time.

You have to meet people, open your heart to let in the right person. Do not close your heart to others because of one person made a mistake. There are a ton of people who can love you better. Sometimes they would come to you and other times you have to go find them. Keep making friends and keep on loving. You will get hurt in the process but you will find the right people during this process, those that will stay no matter what.

This is very important. I want you to always remember that each person who hurt you, who left you, DOESN’T deserve you, not the other way round. You are a treasure to be well taken care of and if someone can’t see that and do that, its their loss! Someone will own the treasure and care for it. Life always goes on.





The moment you get hurt or you feel hurt, the first thing you should do is get as far away as possible from the person causing the hurt. Now make sure you leave in a gentle manner to avoid any more trouble. You might not care about the person at that moment and will want to inflict pain on that person too, but you have to rein your emotions. Restraint is your greatest weapon.

Take a walk, listen to music that can calm you, take deep breaths and try to control the emotions overwhelming you. Let the breeze touch your hot angry body and calm your nerves. Note, please restrain from sad songs at that moment. They will not help the situation, neither will they make you feel any better. Do stuffs that make you happy. Dance in the street. And when you are sure you are calm, reflect on what happened. Then you can go back and handle the issue. You would find it easier and you would handle it wisely.



On a final note, hurt shouldn’t control you. Its part of what all humans experience, just like love. These experiences change us and mold us. Hurt may seem like a feeling one should run away from. But looking from a wider image, it is essential for growth.

 COURTESY: AROWOLO IFEOLUWA . A feminist that likes to sharpen her thoughts through writing ❤️

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I’m sorry about my inconsistency and I hope you all will understand 🥀. Let’s get to today’s gist 😁as seen above . It’s literally a common tragic situation that do come up regularly but most  times do we even bother to know the real truth behind it or we just make up our mind by putting the blame on the “evil forces” (THE NIGERIAN MENTALITY ) or we know the truth but we just want to bury it under our carpets just to please the media or protect the “family name”. These things coupled up with our own instincts won’t even let the “deceased” rest well .

The key things that lead to suicide are:

  • Depression 
  • Emotional trauma / torture 

A lot of cases like this lack the real truth 

If a youth who committed suicide was going through emotional torture by loved ones (family, best or close friends  ) and commits suicide the truth wouldn’t be told, let’s go deeper and give an example in story form by taking a look at this Nigerin setting ✨

         Bayo lives with his family and is often misunderstood, and now he wants to open up to his father about this girl he likes but hasn’t made any attempt to approach or reach out to her because he isn’t going to, WHY?, he doesn’t feel the need to because it’s not his first time having such feelings and at the end, they all all fade away without making an attempt so here he is, Bayo trying to entertain his dad about how he feels about Rosie, but this entertainment turns into a raging father saying and using all available vulgar words on and for Bayo, at midnight Bayo is lost in thoughts, he sits up in his bed, his eyes blurry from his tears and his mind a deep mess by the words from his father earlie on, he gets up, staggers to the kitchen, tries to get a snack from the fridge and sights a knife…. RED AND WHITE precisely, slices his arm and enjoys the pain he derived, after all it can’t be compared to the one he’s feeling emotionally, well he’s watched it in movies that the most interesting way to use a knife on the body is by piercing it through the belly, of possible the tip of the knife is seen behind the belly (KOREAN WAR MOVIES.. lol). Bayo yearns for more pain and just stabs his friggin belly….

        The next morning Mama Bayo wants to prepare breakfast and is welcomed to the kitchen by Bayo’s cold blood tracing the lines between each tile.
      *************** BAYO IS DEAD *****************
    Time for investigation, Baba Bayo blames it tearfully on peer pressure, oh or Bayo was in a cult, oh no maybe he started taking illegal drugs but YOU and I know Bayo was depressed and tortured emotionally.
********************** RIP BAYO ***************************
That’s just a story, an example …..

As future parents ▪▪▪▪ Learn from this

As parents ▪▪▪▪ Learn from this, pay attention to your children and welcome all their thoughts good or bad, then counsel them nicely….

As a Bayo ▪▪▪▪ Learn to voice out to the right person.

So dear child, 


If you are depressed 

  • speak to someone, don’t take it in ,VOICE OUT!!!🗣, 
  • have a change in Environment 
  • Pray 
  • Listen to music 
  • Engage in things that make you happy 
  • Eat good food too 
  • Drink water and milk
  • Play games 

Thank you for reading ♥️

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